Gizmodo Fooled By A Virus Ad

Gizmodo, a popular US gadget, asked for apology to its reader after being fooled by malware pretending to be an advertisement. The said malware is running on the site in ad boxes on Suzuki ads.

According to Gizmodo, their ad sales team has been fooled through an elaborate scam. The said situation has been taken care of and has affected only a few people. Gizmodo has advised the readers to use an antivirus to make sure that their system is clean.

Recently, New York Times was victimized with a similar attack. A pop-up box appears and redirected to a site offering antivirus software, the site is the virus itself. Its like having a Web browser hijacked because its pretending to be a site that runs a scan for viruses.

Dasient, a Web security firm, stated that there are more than 640,000 websites infected with malware. They have identified more than 52,000 malware infections over the web this year. The attackers are focusing more on legitimate websites using them to spread malware.

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Never Miss A Visitor With A Wireless Doorbell From Gadget Shack

Trending at is one of those gadgets which while seemingly appearing to be nothing special, is in fact a real innovation to the standard wired doorbell, its quietly unobtrusive little brother, the wireless doorbell. Without the necessity of channels for cabling, holes drilled through walls to allow said cabling to reach the push switch, it just makes for such an easy installation of a job which has previously proven to be a little fiddly to say the least.

Depending if one lives in a modest town apartment, or have the luxury of living in a home so large that only Bill Gates could possibly afford, there is a wireless doorbell for both short range and long range operation.

The modest range of the wireless signal of about 100 feet , extends from the push button assembly, to the receiving bell assembly and in some of the doorbell models in the wireless doorbells collection, the signal range extends to an impressive 1400 feet, easily accommodating a home with an interior the size of a small football stadium.

One of the advantages of wireless doorbells is that the end unit with the bell or chimes unit can be left mobile and taken from room to room, even into the garden; such is the ease of mobility, without being tied down literally to a set of cables and wires.

Such is the popularity of the collection of wireless doorbells, the range of wireless driveway alarm units being sold at are trending as with the doorbells, acting as a silent sentinel at the portal of your home.

Different end effects, such as chimes or bells are available, and the units are available in a range of styles, designs and color coordination, allowing one to buy a doorbell to complement a style of decor.

One of the simple designs of wireless doorbells simply has a bell unit that plugs into a domestic electrical socket, which in keeping with the other wireless mobile units, makes it a go anywhere solution.

Combine the wireless doorbells collection and the wireless driveway alarm units trending at, and it is quite easy to appreciate the ease with which home and domestic security and safety can be easily enhanced upon.

Gadget shack is not only home to Wireless doorbells and wireless driveway alarm systems, but also has a large collection of useful everyday gadgets, which not only perform a useful function, but are available at some superb prices.

As one would expect, the units are robustly manufactured for exterior use, capable of withstanding all kinds of weather and natural conditions and temperature ranges associated with the diverse climate ranges found in the US.

To see which wireless doorbell is the right solution, and to see the complete collection of wireless driveway alarm units, visit today.